8 Week Mindful Self Compassion Course

The 8 week mindful self compassion course consists of 8 weekly sessions of 2.75 hours and a day retreat.  

Each session include meditations, short talks, experiential exercises and group discussions. Through these activities you will develop a more supportive relationship with yourself.  You will learn what self compassion feels like in your body and heart, and what it sounds like in your thoughts.  The simple, practical skills you learn will enable you to bring self compassion into your daily life.  This will allow you to rely on a compassionate and understanding response from yourself in times of difficulty.

You will receive guided audio self compassion and mindfulness meditations and a handbook. These will support you to practice at home each day and to make self compassion part of your daily life.


The course will enable you to:

  • Learn to manage the inner critic
  • Motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism
  • Handle difficult emotions such as anger, resentment and shame with greater ease
  • Transform challenging relationships – old & new
  • Manage care giver fatigue
  • Practice the art of savouring & self appreciation

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