Creative Arts Therapy

I offer creative arts therapy for adults and children as part of my private practice in Maidenhead, Berkshire.
You may decide you would like to try creative arts therapy or mindfulness based counselling, you may not.   You may prefer to just talk together.  We will shape your sessions in whatever way feels right for you.

Why try the Creative Arts Therapy?

Sometimes it can be a struggle to find words to express how you are feeling.  Other times, maybe you use words but do not feel that the full force of your feelings or experience is conveyed.   This may leave you feeling alone and separate from those around you.
Exploring creative arts therapy means that you, or your child, do not always have to rely on words. Instead, you can use images and metaphor to express what is going on inside you. This can offer new insight into the feelings and issues affecting your well being.


What is Creative Arts Therapy?

You may choose to explore your thoughts and feelings using:
  • drawing
  • painting
  • sand tray
  • clay
  • music
  • poetry
  • puppets

Each of these creative arts offers a way to externalise, reflect on and find a language for your thoughts and feelings. 

You or your child do not need to feel creative or good at art.  Using the creative arts may help you to find a new, unexpected language for what you are feeling. It is this language which is important, not being artistic.  In some, or all, of your sessions you or your child may just want to talk and I will always be guided by you.

Contact me 

Please give me a call on 07941279177  if you would like to know more about creative arts therapy for yourself or your child.

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Creative Arts Therapy – Beaconsfield with Gayle Creasey