Free Meditaion Downloads

Please feel free to listen to these mindfulness meditations for your personal use.  There are a mixture of brief introductory meditations and some longer ones so that you can sample a variety of mindfulness practices.

The recordings contain some imperfections like misspoken words and background noises.  The goal of mindfulness is not to reach a perfectly calm and relaxed state but to receive the inevitable imperfections in ourselves and the world around us with humour and goodwill, and to be able to hold our reactions to these disturbances with compassion and kindness.  The more we practice mindfulness and compassion, the more we are able to do this while meditating and in our life generally.

I hope you enjoy and find the downloads helpful.

Mindfulness Downloads:

Mindfulness of Breathing (10 mins)

3 Minute Breathing Space

Bodyscan Meditation (30 Mins)


Mindful Self Compassion Downloads:

The Self Compassion Break (10 mins)

Affectionate Breathing (20 mins)

Loving Kindness for Beginners (20 mins)


Mindfulness Downloads for Children:

The .b Meditation (3 mins)

FOFBOC (8 mins)

Beditation (10 mins)