Mindfulness in Schools

Research indicates that mindfulness in schools brings tangible benefits to pupils, teachers and parents:

  • improved emotional well-being
  • greater emotional resilience
  • reduction in stress, anxiety & depression
  • improved concentration
  • increased confidence
  • increased ability to manage difficult emotions

The benefits of mindfulness training for children match the SEAL objectives:

  • self-awareness
  • emotional intelligence
  • motivation
  • social skills

What is Mindfulness in Schools?

Mindfulness is a practical skill like being able to ride a bike or play the piano.

Mindfulness exercises teach simple, practical tools to allow the individual to be learn to pause and steady themselves when stressed.  The ability to pause in this way is life changing.

When you can pause and steady yourself in a stressful moment, you can choose to respond rather than being pulled into unhelpful automatic reactions such as:

  • getting angry & irritable
  • giving up
  • shutting down
  • worrying & catastrophising
  • over-thinking

If you can manage your impulses better, you can avoid wrangles with other people. You will also be able to listen others more and be more able to see their point of view.

I have learnt how to stay calm when I am angry by using finger breathing” (Yr 4 Student)

“I enjoyed the course a lot because normally I don’t know what to do when I worry mindfulness has helped me know what to do”  (Yr 12 student)

“It has helped me be more patient.  After I do the exercises I feel calmer and this has had an effect on the people around me”  (Yr 11 teacher)


Mindfulness in schools – Buckinghamshire & Berkshire 

I work with schools throughout Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.  You can see below a selection of the mindfulness courses and packages which I offer.  I am also happy to discuss the individual needs of your school and to provide a service to meet those needs.

Mindfulness in schools options:

  • 1 hour Introduction to Mindfulness in Schools Session (suitable for students, teachers & parents)
  • 6 session course for 7-11 year olds
  • 8 session course for 11-18 year olds
  • 8 session course for teachers or parents 
  • A bespoke package of sessions to meet the needs of a particular group of students

You can read more about the different mindfulness in schools courses which I offer by clicking on the appropriate icon below or to the right.

Call me on 0794 1279177 to discuss mindfulness for your school. 

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Mindfulness in Schools with Gayle Creasey

mindfulness in schools

Mindfulness in Schools
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