Mindful Self-Compassion Weekend

12th & 13th August 2017


This mindful self-compassion weekend will be made up of two days of shared practice, learning and reflections.  It is designed for those who have completed the 8 week mindful self-compassion course or those who already have an established mindfulness practice and would like to explore self-compassion practices and themes. 

It is an opportunity to refresh, re-ignite and deepen your self-compassion practice so that it feels an integral part of your daily life.

We will begin with a retreat day to allow us the space to sink into our practice and settle the mind, heart and body.  On the second day, we will move into a mixed format of practice and workshop sessions.  I will be inviting participants to give suggestions as to topics that you would like to explore during the workshops.

The second day will build upon the stillness we have cultivated during the retreat day but it is also possible to just attend on the second day, or indeed to just attend the retreat day.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions that have not been answered by the information on this page.

I hope to see you for an enriching and heart warming weekend.


(there is a discount if you book both days or see below for individual day bookings)


Saturday 12th August – Silent Retreat Day

The day will be made up of periods of sitting practice, mindful movement and mindful walking.  The majority of the retreat will be in silence so as to allow you to really make space for yourself and to be with your practice.

There will also be time for reflections and sharing at the end of the day.

This retreat day offers a wonderful opportunity to take some ‘time out’ of your busy life and to be with yourself.  Time to nourish yourself, to offer your heart, body and mind compassion and kindness.  It also offers the unique opportunity to practice, eat, share and be together as a group of meditation practitioners.

If you would like to know more or you are unsure if this retreat is suitable for you please do get in touch by phone (07941 279177) or email (g-a-creasey@hotmail.co.uk).


Sunday 13th August – Follow Up Workshop

This day will include periods of practice but with a stronger emphasis on  the opportunity to explore some of the themes and topics from the 8 week course in more detail. 

The course is extremely rich and full, and inevitably there may be areas which you may feel that you understood or integrated into your life less fully.  This day offers the opportunity to refresh areas that may have gone stale and to deepen your understanding of less explored topics.

You will be able to give suggestions for topics of inquiry in advance and I will endeavour to include as many of these themes as possible in the day.

If you would like to know more or you are unsure if this Follow Up Day is suitable for you please do get in touch by phone (07941 279177) or email (g-a-creasey@hotmail.co.uk).