Summer Holiday Mindfulness for Children

This introductory taster session will give your child a fun and interactive opportunity to learn some simple mindfulness skills.  The resources provided will enable your child to continue to use those skills at home and at school.

Mindfulness teaches children how to find a quiet place inside themselves which they can use to steady themselves when they get distracted or when life feels challenging.

Research indicates that mindfulness brings tangible benefits to young people:

  • improved emotional well-being
  • greater emotional resilience
  • reduction in stress, anxiety & depression
  • improved concentration
  • increased confidence
  • increased ability to manage difficult emotions


Session details:

St Mark’s Church Hall, Station Road, Bourne End, SL8 5QF
Thursday 22nd or 29th August

9.30am – 11.00am for children in yrs 3 & 4
11.15am – 12.45pm for children in yrs 5 & 6 

Limited places
£27.00 pp (including handouts and audio downloads)



What your child will learn:

Mindfulness is a practical skill like being able to ride a bike or play the piano.

Mindfulness exercises teach simple, practical tools to allow your child to be learn to pause and steady themselves when stressed.  The ability to pause in this way is life changing.

When your child can pause and steady him/herself in a stressful moment, s/he can choose to respond rather than being pulled into unhelpful automatic reactions such as:

  • getting angry & irritable
  • giving up
  • shutting down
  • worrying & catastrophising
  • over-thinking

If your child can manage his/her impulses better, s/he can avoid wrangles with other people.  S/he will also be able to listen others more and be more able to see their point of view.

Give your child a practical resource with which to skillfully approach life’s challenges and increase their emotional resilience.


Children attending mindfulness courses report immediate and striking results:

  • they feel happier
  • calmer and more fulfilled
  • they can concentrate better
  • they have a toolkit to deal with stress and anxiety


Please click here to hear what the children and teachers have to say about the benefits of mindfulness for primary aged children.



Please click here to watch teenagers and teachers talking about the benefits of mindfulness.




What exactly is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is all about becoming more aware of our experience so that we can choose how we respond rather than being pulled into unhelpful automatic stress reactions.

Mindfulness can help young people when they feel angry, scared, sad or worried so that difficult thoughts and feelings do not have to take over their day or shape their behaviour.

Mindfulness is not just about the difficult aspects of life though.  It is also about the importance of ‘growing happiness’ and how children can learn to savour good moments so that they build resilience and a robust sense of well being.

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