Whole Hearted Living Workshop

10th September 2017
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(based on Brene Brown’s best selling work on vulnerability)


Mindfulness and self-compassion play key roles in freeing ourselves to live more whole heartedly. 

In this workshop we will explore what gets in the way of you embracing your vulnerability, how to find courage in the face of fear and doubt and how you can ‘dare greatly’ every day.

Daring to show up and allowing ourselves to be seen is at the core of whole hearted living but this is incredibly hard to do if we believe that vulnerability is weakness.

Brene Brown defines vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure” – sounds pretty scary right?

But let’s take the experience of love – loving someone is full of uncertainty – we don’t know if they will love us back, they might be with us until the day we die or they might leave at a moment’s notice, they might die tomorrow.  They could be loyal your whole life or they might betray you tomorrow.  Love is uncertain, risky and we are certainly exposed to being hurt but which one of us would want a life without loving and being loved?

So while vulnerability does expose us to painful emotions, it is also the birth place of the emotions and experiences we most long for in life – love, belonging, joy, courage, hope, creativity, authenticity.

Being comfortable with our vulnerability is the path to deeper connections and greater meaning in our lives.

Often we experience vulnerability as courage in others and inadequacy in ourselves because we are afraid that our truth or what we have to offer just isn’t enough, or isn’t good enough or perhaps we fear it’s too much.

We all have these doubts, we all experience shame and our biggest critic is usually ourselves.  We then assume that others will judge us in the way that our shame gremlins judge us.

So we cannot live whole heartedly, we cannot explore our vulnerability without bumping into shame.

The excellent news is that we can develop shame resiliency and the courage to ‘dare greatly’ and we will be exploring this together during the day.


10.00 – 16.00 on Sunday 10th September 2017

Chalfont St Peter Academy, SL9 9SS
£80 pp